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Edith Tialeu is on a mission to share the rich craft heritage of her home country, Cameroon and the wider continent with the world. Her brand Frida 54 produces collections of woven textiles and lifestyle accessories such ceramics handcrafted in collaboration with the local artisans she seeks out, many of whom are women. In building a made in Cameroon brand Edith is conscious to source local materials, working with natural cotton fibres and dyes as much as she can. Recognising the important role the artisans have at the heart of Frida 54, 10% of the business’ sales are donated to artisan associations which she works in a bid to not only uphold Africa’s cultural heritages by using local resources but also to help keep alive the traditions and train the future generations.

I’ve been seeking out these women and men, those craftsmen, those weavers who elevate our fabric, yarn by yarn. [And] I was captivated by their expertise and patience.
– Edith Tialeu, Frida 54