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DO.II Interior Design Modern African Interior Design Style

Ifeyinwa Ighodalo creates bespoke high-end innovative, yet timeless interior design solutions that showcase a contemporary African interior design style aesthetic, Ifeyinwa is a Nigerian interior design industry and furniture manufacturing professional with over twenty-five years in the business. Believing ‘that a home should elicit excitement, joy and pleasure as you come home to it and live in it’ Ifeyinwa founded the company DO.II Designs, with aim of bringing her creative expertise to a range of discerning clients within the country. DO.II Designs works in four key areas encompassing interior design, furniture manufacturing, space planning and remodelling.

[Image credits: Orange Place – DO.II Designs]

DO.II Designs has become one of Nigeria’s leading interior specialists undertaking projects for the corporate, hospitality, property development and luxury residential sectors; as well as having a showroom based in Victoria Island, Lagos, where clients can come and choose furniture and fittings for their homes. It was on the company’s website portfolio that I came across the elegantly appointed property, Orange Place, which mixes contemporary African decor accessories and art with international interior design flair .
[Image credits: Orange Place – DO.II Designs]
Benefiting from high ceilings and large windows to let in optimum light, Ifeyinwa and her team worked to design a space tailored to suit the Client’s lifestyle and requirements. Thoughtfully considering how the interior spaces connect and flow into each other, design solutions included strategically placed lighting to help enhance the areas that benefit from natural light; seamlessly connecting the living spaces through the application of continuous flooring treatments; and using complementary furniture and decorative elements to bring warmth and a touch of personality to individual rooms. The design solutions extended to the surrounded gardens to ensure harmony between the spaces as well as consideration for the community in which the build is located.
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