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Contemporary African Architecture Tradition and Modernity In Libya

The Libya Design Cultural Centre comprises a dynamic group of technicians, designers, craftsmen and builders who utilise all aspects of design, from old, new and futuristic concepts that respect the cultural context within which they work and apply them to their specific projects. The group’s work encompasses a diverse range of disciplines including architecture, graphic design, animation, urban design, furniture, product design, photography and research.
[Main image credit: Tripoli Residence – Libya Design Cultural Centre]

[Image credit: Azuz Villa – Libya Design Cultural Centre]

  “…we believe that the concept behind Libya Design has an existence and an experience that goes back over 14,000 years. We are the fortunate inheritors of the deep cultural traditions that both inform our work and form its basis.”


[Image credits: Misrata Villa – Libya Design Cultural Centre]
Architecture is a prominent aspect of the company’s practice. The designs often draw on Libya’s rich history and culture, from traditional dwellings interpreted into to contemporary architectural solutions that address their needs of their inhabitants; to taking into account the surrounding environment. The company’s architectural practice covers, residential, social and commercial projects. Through their work the Centre is contributing to growth, diversity and expression that is defining contemporary African architecture as a whole.
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