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Christie Brown Modern African Dress Designs

Christie Brown Dresses
[Image credits: myasho]
Christie Brown designer, Aisha Obuobi’s modern African dress designs are so pretty and feminine, combining traditional prints with silks in a ray of gorgeous colours. The dresses below caught my eye whilst browsing myasho an online e-tailer of African designer clothing. For me these gorgeous frocks capture that feeling of impatience and excitement of when I was a child waiting to get dressed up in my party dress and having everyone tell me how pretty I looked. In a flattering style these modern African dress designs are perfect for occasions that demand effortless chic and easily take you from day to night with heels or flats, dressed down with a belted cardi or enhance the sparkle with complementary jewellery.

Chrisite Brown Arise Fashion Africa 2009

[Images sourced: fashionwindows]
Since launching her label under the name Christie Brown in 2008, named after her paternal grandmother who was the inspiration to create her label, Aisha is going from strength to strength, a firm favourite on the runways and with bloggers alike. What is inspiring about Aisha is the fact that she is self-taught, the embodiment of following your dream and seeing where it leads you. Take a leaf out of her book, and whatever you aspire to and find yourself filling your daydreams with, give it a go ‘cause you never know…

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Prices for the first two dresses shown were on £260
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