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Chouette Mama Natural Restorative West African Skin care

The soothing, nourishing, regenerating and healing properties of West Africa’s indigenous plant life forms the basis of a range of 100% natural African skin care products formulated by Senegalese based business, Chouette Mama. The business was founded in 2007 by Phil and Geraldine Pernin, a French couple with an interest in botany, that led them to relocate to Popenguine, a small village on the Senegalese coast with idea of setting up a laboratory creating a natural African skin care brand based around plants that have been used locally for generations.

Virgin sesame oil, shea butter, essential oils and plant extracts such as baobab, hibiscus, moringa, okra and kola nut are formulated to create a range of body lotions, vegetable based soaps, shampoos, massage oils, shea butter balms and exfoliating scrubs. Chouette Mama products are sold throughout Senegal and West Africa and have been gaining international interest. Chouette Mama products are produced in partnership with members of the Popenguine community including; recruiting and training local women, sourcing from local suppliers and producers of raw materials; and collaborating with local artisans who help create the product packaging and display elements such as wooden boxes, soap dishes and bags made from African fabrics.

…Africa’s natural beauty.

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