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Carolyn Roumeguere Global Culture And Maasai Inspired Jewellery

Jewellery designer Carolyn Roumeguere is a nomad at heart, a sentiment that is reflected in her eclectic global and Maasai inspired jewellery creations such as the Swahili Choker, a stunning piece that is handmade using the precious gems diamond, sapphire or emerald, and coral. Taking a month to complete the Swahili Choker incorporates traditional Maasai beading, and features an enamel pendant and the beads sourced from Jaipur, India.

Having grown up in Kenya amongst the Maasai, Carolyn’s upbringing was unconventional to say the least; her mother, a social anthropologist was married to a Maasai Warrior and Carolyn learnt her craft from the Maasai women and young girls who influenced her sense of colour, shape and design and instilled in her a passion for beads and adornment, all under the protective shade of an acacia tree. These influences showing up in her Maasai inspired jewellery collections. Often travelling to remote destinations, Carolyn is inspired by different global cultures and began creating jewellery by recycling materials that she gathered from around the world. Today Carolyn creates new pieces, working with artisans in three continents using the methods of age old skills, such intricately carved bone and horn from East Africa, enamelling from Mexico and traditional Kundan method from Jaipur. Other materials used in her creations include copper, bronze, gold and cow horn which are combined with precious gems to dramatic effect.
Inspired by culture and a sense of community, Carolyn supports several charities donating a portion of her sales. The collection for CoutureLab was handmade in Kenya, where Carolyn has a home within a Maasai community and works with the local women to create Maasai inspired jewellery collections. Whether intricately detailed or a simple smooth carving, Carolyn’s collections can be likened to found treasures, those picked up on travels, and laden with meaning for the owner.
…bohemian chic with a story to tell
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Collection currently on CoutureLab priced at approx: £224-£4,581 / €271-€5,543 / USD$356-USD$7,284
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