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Coccolily London Pink Nail Polish Collection

Whilst going through and updating the site I revisited a few brands that I hadn’t check-in on in a while. One of those was Canadian based fashion label, Coccolily, click to read the profile. It seems that for most fashion brands after accessories the next diversifying favourite is creating a signature perfume, but in the case of Coccolily a range of girly nail polishes have been the product of choice.

The collection entitled ‘London Pink’ sees a tonal range of feminine pinks inspired by London, each with it’s own character, from a subtle dainty pink called ‘Modern Fairytale’ that calls to mind cotton candy and quintessentially English cream teas to the brighter bolder shades of ‘Provocative’ and ‘Fancy’ that with a flash of colour entice with the command to ‘look at me!’. English Countryside and Convenient complete the collection. A shade for every occasion and skin tone Coccolily’s nail polishes provide the perfect antidote to the dull gray skies currently hanging over London adding a splash of colour that will carry through to Spring/Summer.

…a manicure, always a great instant pick me up!

Additional details:
Individual nail polishes priced at: CAD$12
For further information about Coccolily’s Nail Polish range visit:

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