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Miöja [South Africa]


[Image credits: Skincare range – Miöja]

I fell for Miöja’s packaging as soon as I saw it; the colours, so intense and gorgeously vibrant make you take notice. However, the colours as I later found out not only serve to create standout packaging but have a deeper significance in distinguishing and highlighting the specific benefits of each range. Based in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa Miöja was started by Tasha Saha, a practicing Holistic Healer and as a chronic sufferer from eczema sought to create her own natural and holistic skincare range using the plants from her garden, simple ingredients that are not just known for their healing and restorative benefits on the outwards but inside the body too. Based on the principle that our bodies are wonderful, highly evolved self-regulating systems and that the less we tamper with its natural balance the better, Miöja ‘s products are created to harnesses the energy of plant life.

The formulations are based on sustainably sourced natural and organic ingredients and see carefully selected herbal extracts, essential oils, minerals and flower remedies work to aid the body’s natural restorative and regenerative processes, treating a range of skin ailments from dry, blemished or damaged skin, as well as working to nourish and protect mature skins. Understanding the connection between mind, body and soul; Miöja’s formulations not only treat the skin but also work to help balance specific energies that contribute to our overall feelings of health and wellbeing. Ingredients known to be toxic to the body or environment are avoided, which means Miöja’s products contain no parabens, artificial fragrances or colours. Miöja’s products have been formulated to comply with Ecocert regulations for organic certification and are currently undergoing the certification process.


[Image credits: Miöja Skincare]

Wild Ginger, Pomegranate, Honeybush, Rosehip, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Fennel, and Aloe are just some of the extracts used in products that include cleansers, renewal oils, lip treatments, masks and skin polishes across three core ranges:

Green range: Deeply calming and restorative works to heal and nourish mature and sensitive skins, and helps to enhance emotional resilience, optimism, courage and trust.

Orange Range: As the colour would suggest is energising and enlivening containing herbal extracts and citrus oils to stimulate circulation in dull and congested skin, boosts renewal of skin cells, and helps inspire creativity, enthusiasm, and focus.

Violet Range: Formulated to detoxify and brighten the plant extracts used bring luminosity to the tone and texture of dry and mature skin through their intensive clarifying actions and help to facilitate openness, awareness, and integrity.

Mioja Home Spa

[Image credits: Home Spa Collection – Miöja]

Miöja has also put together a selected range of products to create a Home Collection Spa for a luxuriously indulgent treat in the comfort of your home.

…every once in a while it good to take time out to nurture and refresh mind, body, and soul

Disclaimer: I was gifted a selection of Mioja products, and the review is based on my own opinions.

Additional details:
Prices range form: ZAR155-ZAR295
For further information about Miöja, to purchase or to find stockists visit: www.mioja.co.za 

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