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Basa Body Kenyan Coconut Oil Inspired Skin Care Beauty

I think its fair to say that most of the beauty and skin care products I have featured lean in favour of using Shea butter as a main ingredient, with others like coconut oil coming in as secondary, well not so in the case of Basa Body whose natural Kenyan Coconut Oil inspired skin care product range is made from Virgin coconut oil that is produced by hand in Mombasa, Kenya. Easily absorbed into the skin Coconut Oil is known for its healing properties and contains natural antioxidants that are anti-fungal and antibacterial, and is said to be good for smoothing the skin and for slowing the ageing process product. Vitamin E, Rosemary and Olive oil are some of the other ingredients that go into in the products; the full list can be seen on the website under each product. The Kenyan coconut oil inspired skin care range encompasses: Scented and unscented Body Lotions, a Coconut Oil Body Stick, Lip Butters and a Facial Serum.
[Image credits: top, Gift Box; bottom, Lotion, Lip Butter and Body Stick – Basa Body]

Basa Body was founded in 2007 by American, Troy Holmberg following a trip to Kenya where he came across the Coast Coconut Farms; a small scale enterprise located in the city of Mombasa, that produces the coconut oil used in Basa Body’s products. The name ‘Basa’ is Derived from the name of the city, a nod to the women producers of the Coast Coconut Farms, whom Troy partnered with to produce the Kenyan coconut oil inspired skin care line. The partnership has resulted in help with obtaining modern machinery and with operations, in addition to for the women. 10% of all Basa Body profits go towards humanitarian projects across Africa and in the United States.

Additional details:
Basa Body products range from: USD$5.95-USD$35.95
For further information about Basa Body, Coast Coconut Farms and to purchase visit:

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