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Afro Coffee Speciality South African Teas and Coffee

Starting out as an ordinary cafe selling coffee in Cape Town, South Africa in 2004 a radical rebrand saw the first Afro Cafe offering speciality South African teas and coffee open it’s doors to reveal a riot of bold colour, clashing patterns and cool characters; across the interior, packaging and accessories. Young and funky, Afro Coffee was out to have a bit fun, bringing its own retro tinged interpretation of the urban African vibe to a range of speciality South African teas and coffees. Owner, Grant Rushmere with the help of two Austrian partners sought to challenge the image of the continent by bringing a fresh new flavour! Signified by the Afro Man, the tongue in cheek branding style is inspired by the energy of South Africa’s townships, and to help you get into the continental groove exciting, hip cities provide the inspiration for the enticing blends.

As the name suggests Afro Coffee started with coffee, but later branched into speciality teas. Shaking up the rather genteel world of tea drinking, this is tea rebranded for a new generation, with diverse varieties named for the source of origin, including; Addis Abba, Casablanca, Djibouti, Dakar, Mombasa, Mulanje, Cairo, Pemba, Malindi and of course Cape Town each with characteristic aromatic blends of delicious sounding ingredients like passion fruit, lemon grass, ginger, mint, green tea, mango, orange blossom, rooibos and honey bush. Fair trade certified, Afro Coffee uses some of the finest Arabica beans from across the continent including those from Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya. The spicier Afro Cappuccino uses the sophisticated flavours of Ethiopian Sidamo beans.

The design of the cafe is to say the least one-of-a-kind decked out in Afro Coffee signature cushions and personailsed fabrics, cutting a swathe through minimalist contemporary interiors, and with plans to roll the brand out internationally 2007 saw the opening of an Afro Cafe  offering the brand’s speciality South African teas and coffees in Salzburg, Austria. From time to time the cafe’s play host to live music from African bands and other musicians for customers to enjoy whilst sipping on an aromatic tea or enjoying a signature Afro cocktail. Afro coffee tea and coffee products are available in handy tins for personal use and in bulk packs for business; and if a coffee or tea fix is not enough, accessories such as espresso cups, bags and key rings immerse you deeper into the brand experience that is uniquely Afro Coffee.

…crazy, iconic, cool

Additional details:
Teas and Coffees available on the website priced at: €5.80-€7.80
For further information about Afro Coffee visit:

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