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Africa Travel Wild Frontiers The Natural Beauty Of Ethiopia

Often receiving more than its fair share of negative press, means for far too many holiday seekers Ethiopia doesn’t immediately spring to mind as an ideal Africa travel holiday destination, but this year I have read about more and more people choosing it as their Africa travel holiday destination of choice as they search for a more meaningful way to spend their vacation time. Wild Frontiers is a pioneering, award winning travel company that specialises in taking small groups of it’s discerning clientele to places that don’t tend to be part of the popular tourist trails and return offering them a unique experience, and one of the places on its itinerary is Ethiopia. Inviting potential travellers to look beyond the usual headlines of a no go area defined by famine and poverty, Wild Frontiers acknowledges a country of dramatic landscapes from flat topped mountains to cascading waterfalls and one that is overflowing with culture.

With tours scheduled periodically through to 2013, itineraries can see guests: take a languid boat trip on Lake Tana taking in hippos basking on the banks of the lake and pink flamingoes as you make your way across; or explore the well preserved castles of Gondor that date back to the 17th century Ethiopia is a country brimming with ancient monasteries, castles and churches hewn out of the surrounding rock; or trek through the spectacular Highlands offering some stunning panoramic views whilst visiting villages along the way; and when you’ve had your fill of sightseeing pass through the bustling daily markets to pick up some reminders of your trip and later unwind to jazz fusion sounds in a jazz bar in Addis Ababa.
Founded in 2002 by Jonny Bealby a travel writer who wanted others to have the opportunity to experience some of those he enjoyed as a writer, Wild Frontiers is first and foremost a company set up by ‘travellers for travellers’, gathering like- minded people to work in a company that upholds the values of responsible tourism. Taking guests of the beaten track into often inaccessible, yet incredible places, the team at Wild Frontiers draw on an extensive list of contacts to make this happen ensuring the safety and comfort of their travelers; to help you decide there is a handy guide next to each excursion denoting the level of factors like physical challenge, comfort and cultural experience. Wild Frontiers is small and personalised and looking to remain that way.
…embark on a Africa travel voyage of discovery to Ethiopia with Wild Frontiers
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Prices for an 8-day package to Ethiopia with Wild Frontiers currently start from: £1385 pp
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