Accessories: Olele Blending African Print Fabrics with Spanish Tradition

Olele [Africa Inspired]

Olele Fan

When it’s stifling out there and the caress of a cool breeze is nowhere to be found I always find myself wishing I had a fan, and enviously looking at those who had the foresight to carry one. A self-indulgent pleasure, but oh so ladylike; fans are one of those things you don’t think about until you need it right then and there; and then prove impossible to find. Blending African prints with Spanish tradition, Etsy store Olele has a covetable range of fans that are just the thing to have to hand to keep you cool when the mercury rises. 

Olele fans

[Image credits: Wax print and Recycled Batik Fans – Olele]

Olele’s fans are handmade in Gipuzkoa, Spain by Karmele Luqui; a multifaceted creative who has worked in diverse areas from graphic design through to restoration of Roman frescoes and vintage books, and now finds inspiration in African prints. The fans comprise staves made from Spanish beech wood and 100% cotton fabric ranging from vibrant wax prints to recycled vintage batiks for the fabric area. All fans come with a smart elegant case for protection when carrying around in your bag, helping to keep the shape. 

Olele red vinatge batik fan

[Image credit: Red Recycled Batik Fan – Olele]

To make them comfortable for users Olele’s fans are available for both right and left-handed users, but you will need to contact Karmele before placing an order for the left-handed version as they are made-to-order.

… stylish and functional, a pretty summer accessory.

Additional details:
Prices on the Etsy shop range from: USD$51-USD$57
For further information visit: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Olele?ref=pr_shop_more

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