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A A K S Luxury Hand Woven Made In Africa Bags At Anthropologie

Happa Bag - A A K S
Made in Africa Luxury accessories label, A A K S was founded in 2014 by colour-obsessed designer, Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, whose passion for all things bright led to the creation of a chic range of handbags handcrafted in Bolgatanga, a region in northern Ghana famed for its longstanding basket weaving traditions. Through A A K S Akosua intended to capture the spirit and durability of this heritage, showcasing the hand weaving techniques to a global audience and in the process help support the artisans and communities the company works with by creating local jobs. A A K S works closely with groups of local artisan weavers who skillfully weave colourful piles of raffia into the stylish products that combine modern style interpretations with traditional methods.
[Main image credit: Happa Bag – A A K S]

Volta Tote - A A K S collection for Anthropologie

[Image credits: from top, Volta Tote; Paga Tassel Pouch; Land & Sea Tote;
Tongo Colorblock Bag – A A K S collection for Anthropologie]
Exceptional craftsmanship is at the very heart of the A A K S brand, supported by the core values of authenticity, sustainability and ethical practices throughout the production process. A process, which Akosua oversees herself to ensure each product produced meets her exacting standards of high quality. Taking approximately a week to complete a bag, A A K S bags are made with a combination of ecologically harvested raffia from family farmers in Ghana and leather. The raffia is dyed in house utilisng a sophisticated dyeing process that was developed to create the exclusive seasonal colours that make A A K S collections so distinctive.
[Image credit: Pins Bucket Bag – A A K S]

Akosua constantly experiments with new materials and designs, each collection style is unique telling its own story through the details, colours and shapes utilised. A fashion graduate from Kingston University in London, Akosua grew up in Ghana and having returned to establish her company with a made in Africa ethos she regularly travels throughout the continent and beyond, the experiences gathered along the way providing sources of inspiration for new designs.

In addition to retailing through a dedicated website, on Monday 25th May an exclusive collection of A A K S bags launched at Anthropologie.

Additional details:
The A A K S collection for Anthropologie is priced at: USD$148-$388
For further information about A A K S visit:
For further information and to purchase the A A K S collection for Anthropologie visit:

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