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When the initial excitement of starting a new business, project or blog wears of, staying motivated can become a challenge. It happens to all of us, but the difference is as an entrepreneur it stops with you, you are the boss and if you do not work, nothing happens. A lack of motivation leads to dreaded procrastination, so work to combat this with 6 simple ways to keep motivated:


1. Try working from somewhere different

If you work from home stepping out to a quiet corner in your local cafe, library or park if the weather’s nice can do wonders for motivation. If you work in an office try moving to another desk or a meeting/breakout room for a change. It does not have to be every or even a full working day, but the difference a different environment can make is noticeable in boosting your energy and creative thinking levels.

2. Keep a reading list of your favourite inspiring blogs, videos or podcasts

Read, watch or listen to a relevant post before you start your day. Even better keep a note of favourite motivational quotes – group them by theme them so that you have them to hand when you need them the most.

3. Remind yourself of your goals

Make it a habit to review your goals on a regular basis, going through what you have achieved, what you have not and why. Do you need to adjust your goals, is reaching them taking longer than you planned, have you deviated and need to get back on track or is the goal you set no longer in line with your values. Ask yourself, these questions and more, then adjust accordingly to get you back on track.

4. Celebrate your wins

You do not have to wait for the huge life-changing ‘I have been featured on the cover of Time, Vogue [insert your]’ type of win to for it to be worth a mention or a celebration. Taking the time to mark even the smallest of successes by treating yourself can keep you moving forward. Create some reward vouchers for yourself and whenever you have a win take a voucher and treat yourself to whatever it says. You could assign the reward on each voucher to the level of the win so, for example, gourmet coffee, a pedicure, that pair of shoes you have been eyeing, a trip to the spa with friends or a weekend away. And just knowing you have rewards waiting can motivate you to keep pushing forward and doing your best.

5. See what your competitors/peers up to

There is nothing like a little research seeing what others are up to get those ideas whirling round and propelling you forward. But remember the point of this particular exercise is not to get sucked into constant competitor comparisons coveting what others have or are doing, that is a quick path to becoming discouraged – keep the jealousy in check. Competition is healthy and keeps us on our toes holding us accountable to do and be better. So use it as a motivator, which leads to …

6. Collaboration

Co-working or getting together with other creative entrepreneurs every now and then gives you the opportunity to discuss ideas, to see things from different points view particularly if you are a solopreneur working from home. Discussions with your peers can lead to new ideas or help with problem-solving.


What do you do to keep motivated, when you really don’t feel like working? Do share in the comments would love to know.


– Tapiwa


[Image credit: Tapiwa Matsinde]

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